A Pebble, by Tara

A pebble is a colour of your grandma’s grey hair,

A pebble is a silent, sunny summer day,

A pebble is a peaceful, playful park,

A pebble is a calm, colourless, cloudy morning,

A pebble plain, precious pocket on a purple woolly jumper,

A pebble is a beamy, glamorous Glee,

A pebble is a piece of your papa’s pasta pie.


Bark by Ryan

It is a big, brown bar of chocolate.

It is a black, blazing, autumn’s day.

It is a broken, bashed shed.

It is a blowing, blustery storm.

It is a brutal, blotchy, leather jacket

It is a bumpy, bouncy sofa

It is brave, brawny Blood Fever

It is a beautiful, blown away roast chicken

Random Things by Sophia

Trees are whispering friends
A strawberry is a bundle of sweetness that bursts in your mouth
A book is an adventure
A husky is a white snowy fluffy wolf
The North Pole is a bowl of vanilla ice cream
Colours are an explosion before my eyes
Whippets are miniature grey hounds
Seals are the horses of the sea
Tests are a day that never ends
Fireworks are shooting stars in the sky

The apple is…………by Michael

The apple is a bowling ball.

The giraffe is a big yellow milk shake.

The husky is a big fur coat.

The autumn leaf is a ripe strawberry.

South Africa is a big hot desert.

The banana is the sun on a hot day.

The Great Dane is a big tank destroying the trees.

The orange is a proper cup of tea.

The elephant is a big plane flying in the sky.

The cheetah is a fast car heading for me!

What is it? by Jacob

A strawberry is a red fire.

A husky is white snow.

A kookaburra is a brown tree.

A burning fire is the hot sun.

A Christmas beetle is a horny rhinoceros.

An autumn leaf is a bright sunset.

A blue swimmer crab is a blue ocean.

A bottle nose dolphin is a fast cheetah.

A sausage dog is a long sausage.

A pinecone is a spicy porcupine.